Caffe Carrello is a gourmet coffee catering company with more than 30 years of experience serving coffee at events in the Bay Area. 

At Caffe Carrello we’re dedicated to serve great coffee to great people!  

What we serve
Espresso & Coffee Drinks
  • Espresso: Coffee brewed with hot water and high pressure in an espresso machine. Served in 1oz. “shots”, each containing about the equivalent of a small cup of coffee’s worth of caffeine.
  • Cappuccino: Even distribution of espresso, steamed milk, and foamed milk.
  • Latte: Espresso shots with hot steamed milk and a light layer of milk foam on top.
  • Mocha: Espresso shots mixed with steamed hot chocolate.
  • Americano: Espresso with hot water. Equivalent taste of a drip coffee.
  • Decaf is always available.
  • Flavored syrup: Vanilla, Caramel, sugar free Vanilla and seasonal
  • Dairy Milk
  • Non-dairy milk: Almond Milk
 illustrative photo
Non-Coffee Drinks
  • Chocolate Milk: Steamed chocolate milk. It can be made tepid for kids.
  • Steamed Milk: Milk steamed to perfection with no coffee added. Can add flavored syrup for a delicious treat.
  • Hot Tea: Choose from our selection of fine teas. It can be made with milk as well.
We have the most competitive price in the Bay area and we tend to book our carts very quickly. Fill our inquire form today to check our availabity and get a quote e about your event.
What is included
  • 3 hours serving coffee.
  • One barista per cart to prepare and serve coffee.
  • Coffee bar setup with espresso and non coffee drinks.
  • We also provide
    • sugar, equal and Splenda
    • Whipped cream, cocoa powder and ground cinnamon.
    • Paper cups, Napkins and Stir sticks.
What We Need From The Venue
  • Standard electrical 110v outlet with a 20amp dedicated circuit for each coffee cart.
  • Paved pathway where our staff can unload and roll the coffee cart where it will be set up. 
Payment options
  • We accept credit card or bank transfer.
  • The payment should be done before or on the day of the event.

If you need more information, email us at catering@caffecarrello.com or call (650) 321-3833.

Hope to serve you soon!