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Espresso & Coffee Drinks

Espresso – Coffee brewed with hot water and high pressure in an espresso machine. Served in 1oz. “shots”, each containing about the equivalent of a small cup of coffee’s worth of caffeine.

Caffe Latte – Espresso shots mixed with fresh, hot steamed milk, and a dollop of milk foam on top.

Cappuccino – Espresso shots with hot foamy milk poured on top.

Caffe Mocha – Espresso shots mixed with steamed hot chocolate. Whipped cream optional. Delicious on cold days.

Americano – Espresso with hot water.

  • Decaf always available
  • Add a flavor: Vanilla, Hazelnut, Caramel, Raspberry, Sugar Free Vanilla
  • Iced coffee available upon request

Non-Coffee Drinks

Hot Chocolate Milk – Steamed chocolate milk. Can be made tepid for kids.

Steamed Milk – Milk steamed to perfection with no coffee added. Can add flavor syrup for a delicious treat.

Hot Tea – Choose from our selection of fine teas. Can be made with milk too.

Caffe Carrello Latte


Caffe Carrello Cappuccino


Caffe Carrello Espresso Shot

Espresso Shot